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The options are equal for all the differents models:

Easy600: 7” edition for small places

Easy3000: 8.4” edition for small og medium sized places

Easy4000: 15.1” edition for medium and large places and places where secure against vandalizm are required.

The Machine icons on the screen are placed so It looks like the real place.

Cash card system - here you deposit a amount on the users chipcard and when the user buy, ex. a washing machine the price willl subtract the chipcard. A handheld PockerLoader og a Chipload PC program can be used to deposit amout til the chipcards. It can also be combined with at WallLoader solutions.

Credit card system - Uses buying are stored on the Easy system.

Every month the Administrator recieves an E-mail with all the transactions after this every users buying can be  billed over the rent for the appartment

www.easylaundry.eu. Gives easy access to the Internet part for the users as well as the administrator.

Useres have the oppotunity to see Info from the administration, prices, machine status, open time, reservations and all there own purchases.

The Administration administrate users and reservations, block cards, edit prises, get statistics, look and search into all the transactions ect.

The Inet menuen is used to getting the transaktions manually.

- Instead of the automatic E-mail.

EasyXP can operate with all kinds of machines and with a unlimited numbers of machines.

Entry control, where uder ID and timestamp are logged, reciept printer, SMS module and much more can be connected to the Easy system.

The Easy series are payment systems with a powerful technology.

It’s innovative, based on a dedicated industrial computer, with MS Windows Embedded®

as platform, which gives unique ensure possibilities in the future.

Easy XP are delivered in different models - all with color display, touch and speak guide:

• EasyPay - 10,4” LED display multi touch - Wall mounted

• Easy4000 - 15,1” TFT with protection against vandalism - Wall mounted

• Easy4000 - 15,1” TFT with protection against vandalism - Slot in

The system is very user-friendly, You choose machines by touching directly on the screen, speak will guide you through the shopping.


You pay with highly secured Chip card  or Mifare tags – different settling can be used, Visa and MasterCard can also  be connected to the System

The receipt printer we use, is very unique, it’s very reliable compared with most other printers on the marked.

Easy series is also a design series, The stainless steel look are used in our Easy XP products ex. Entry control, printer and multilink.

Great opportunities, ex. laundry, solarium, baths etc.


• App for iPhone, Androids and Windows Phone

• Entry controls

• Chipcard, Mifare tags, Visa- / Mastercard payment possibilities

• Personal design of user template, so the screen look like ex. your laundry

• Information onscreen for ex. customer information, commercials etc.

• Internet Info, see prices, machine status, statistics and much more

• Internet data tap purchases, complete overview and statistics

• Receipt printer, (Build In - in  the Slot In models)

• Remote servicing

• Reservation and Internet reservation

• Sms messages, ex. washing times or when the machine is finish

• Speak modules (Real speak guides you trough the session/shopping)

• Danish, English, German, Norwegian, Turkish, Arabian, Somali and Chineese

• Secure against vandalism with Easy4000 solution

• Video monitoring

• Web server build in

• Unique Ensure possibilities in the future


Easy Pay / 4000

Easy Pay